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MORE UPDATES about RD Retreat and Responsibilities!

posted Dec 26, 2012, 3:33 PM by SCS Administration

Hello Regional Directors,

I hope you all are having a very wonderful holiday and winter break. Thank you to all of you whom have confirmed your attendance to the RD Retreat tomorrow as well as those of you whom have informed me that you cannot make it. If you are a region whom have not confirmed or informed me of your absence, I am sorry, but you will have to wait until I send out notes sometime after the retreat. We cannot go over our budget (a very important rule in the nonprofit field). Please see below for more details on transportation and turning in important documents.

Confirm Transportation:

If you have stated that you need a ride to the retreat, Roscoe's, and/or home as well as your willingness to carpool, I have sent you a separate email to your personal emails (not the regions emails) with more updates and details. Please check your emails.

Submit Important Documents:

Thank you to all of you whom have already sent in your RD reports already! For the regions that are not attending the retreat, your report was due last Friday so if you haven't submitted it already, please do so ASAP. For the regions whom are attending the retreat, please remember that your reports are due today. If you have missed the 1pm deadline, please send them to me ASAP by no later than 5:00pm! Thank you. Also, please send in any RD documents (Event Activity Reports, Sign-In Sheets, Expense Reports, and Journal Logs) for the past fall semester/quarter by Monday, December 31st, 2012. If you have done this already, thank you!

I am very excited about the retreat tomorrow and I hope you all will find it enjoyable and useful during your time as a Regional Director. SCS is very grateful for your services. Have a great day!